canvas atlas (Gabriella Schneider) handcrafts stunning fabric and leather goods and her work is characterised by minimal, unique design that is durable and functional. The five words she gave me to work with were simple, fresh, timeless, minimal and natural. Since she grew up in Manitoba, Canada she's always been very connected to nature and wanted an element of nature to be included into her logo. 

Gabriella chose logo No. 3 as her main logo and the very last logo to use as her submark with a couple of alterations. The round logo element will be used as a leather stamp that goes onto her products. 
l wanted to create an illustration that is highlighting her connection to earth and nature, as nature plays a significant role in her work and makes her selective with the materials she chooses to work with. The logo element is showing a root underneath the ground in the pattern of leaf veins (representing organicness, rawness, made by hand, earth, texture, nature). I chose to put the logo element in the shape of a circle to put emphasis on the word 'atlas' and to create solidness. 

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